For the home owner

There is no doubt times are changing.... The way we listen to music or watch videos is now often by a simple streaming service off the Internet. The ability to monitor power usage, automate lighting or control equipment like air conditioning is all changing. Living Automation provides peace of mind to the home owner by ensuring these systems are correctly set up and easy to use. Call us today for some free advice or quote!

For the builder

With the continual advancement of technology it has become difficult for many builders to understand and effectively manage sub contractors to ensure the end result is being met. Living Automation provides project management via routine site meetings to technical support that ensures the project is being constructed as intended.

For the electrical contractor

Originating as a electrical and security contractor the core of our team are qualified tradesmen who have simply now expanded into this technology market. However, when working with nominated electrical contractors our focus is to ensure the work is completed as efficiently and easily as possible. Many integration companies seem to believe that their role is much greater than the electrician’s we believe that without the fundamentals the project cannot achieve success and all parties must be work together to create the end result.

For the architect

Living Automation provides design and documentation services that enable the clients to have all aspects of a new home detailed into specification and set of floor plans and/or schematics. This documentation provides a platform for the obtaining fair and equal tendering as well as the tools to allow the installation to be completed exactly as intended.