Lighting control and energy management

Is typically achieved via either Dynalite or Clipsal C-Bus control systems. The final decision for selection of this equipment often rests with the end user as they have preferences for control and appearance but both products provide excellent platforms that can be easily integrated into other control systems.


Having worked extensively with Ness over the past 10 years we are proud to promote and install their range of security and automated products. Integrating basic products such as alarms to lighting control allows energy efficiency to be achieved via movement sensors, access control to be achieved via biometrics (finger print scanning) or remote management of security cameras.

Audio / Visual

The world of audio / visual is now primarily the largest reason people are starting to automate homes. Whether it be control of a whole house music system via a simple iPhone or the construction of a dedicated home theatre Living Automation works with world leading manufacturers and suppliers to deliver premium products for all requirements.

Master Control Systems

Many homes or commercial applications of today’s standards cannot be easily integrated without a master control system being implemented. These systems provide the user friendly interface required to personalize control of the equipment being installed. Whether it be via a wall mounted touch screen or a intelligent remote control or a simple iPhone / iPad the master control system ties all equipment together. 

Living Automation works with two main control systems:

 Each of these have the applications but both provide amazing control of your home.